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Ok, ok, so this post is several days late and I am totally ripping off lots of other people who are posting their goals, but hey, I work for the government and we are supposedly all about accountability. (Another hateful buzzword).

Note: These are not resolutions. This year, I am against New Years Resolutions. Every year that I have made them, I have broken them almost immediately, or forgotten about them by the end of January, or in very special cases, February. These are goals - things I want to accomplish this year - they may take all year, they may not. I may turn out to be a total rockstar, I may not accomplish them all - but either way? That's ok with me. I refuse to consider myself a "moral failure".

Be Vegetarian. I have been mostly vegetarian since July 08, when I read an article about the contaminated pet food and it turned me off people food! I have definitely cheated here and there, as bacon is one of my 8 Favorite Things, and as traveling (especially to the deep south) has made this challenging. I plan on being as vegetarian as possible this year. I do plan on continuing to eat fish, but not shellfish. I also plan on not being excessively anal about things like chicken flavoring. And finally, I plan on checking in repeatedly with [ profile] maraceles for moral support.

Go to Surf Camp. This has been one of my goals for *years*. There is just something so fantastic about surfing and spending a week on a beach somewhere, with all that sun, sand, and ocean, with a little yoga or salsa dancing thrown in, sounds completely wonderful to me. I am currently planning this trip for the end of April/early May - pending lots of things - and as always, if I don't make it this year, I will keep it on the list for 2010.

Keep Spinning Fire. Since I discovered this in August, I've been hooked. There is something about the left-brain, right-brain skill set that is totally appealing, and even those I am somewhat less than coordinated, I keep practicing. I've got my set of basic moves down now and I spun fire for the first time over Christmas! (Video footage pending upload). I plan on continuing to learn new moves, to get plugged in with the Portland spin/hoop/circus community, and to light up a few more times. My inner pyro is very, very happy.

Stay in Portland. This is a little odd, I know, since I wasn't planning an immediate move. But I spent a lot of time during 2008 trying to be content. Not settling, just finding contentment. And as much as I get frustrated with my job and bored and twitchy and want to move and explore another city, I am really not done with Portland. I truly love it here, and weather notwithstanding, I think I could be happy here long-term. That said, I definitely will be moving again eventually, maybe even in 2009, but I plan on staying another six months.

Be Joyful. This is something else that I've spent a lot of time thinking about. I forced myself to deal with a lot of my issues this last year, particularly around meeting new people, spending time by myself, being social, dating, etc... and I slowly started learning how to have fun. Letting go of grudges, worrying about little things that I cannot change, and learning to be more flexible and spontaneous. I'm still not great at any of these things, and I don't even know if I know what being joyful really means, but at least now I am aware of the potential, and as crazy, west coast hippie as it all sounds, I plan on living with as much joy as I can this year.


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