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It is so strange to have the house to myself. So odd to wake up without my alarm, noise from the kitchen, or one of my roommates asking if I want to go out to breakfast.

So weird to make food for just myself, to not have to feed the cats first thing when I come downstairs. No video game explosions from the living room, no one running up and down our very creaky stairs.

My roommates went to Seattle to visit relatives for a few days. The cats we were cat-sitting for one of my friends went back to their proper owner yesterday. The house is now back to an acceptable level of cleanliness, multiple batches of pickles, pesto and zucchini bread have been made, and now I'm restless.

Yesterday was the first day in ten days that I was home for anything other than sleeping and showering. My schedule for August is about the same. I am not sure if I am actually becoming an extrovert -- I know the definition is more about how you feel energized than how you actually spend your time -- but this weekend, having time to catch up and rest and relax, is making me twitchy. I'd rather be out socializing.

I'm sitting in the kitchen, listening to KCRW, drinking coffee, and plotting out birthday presents and going-away-presents and house-warming presents and hostess presents. I think today I will stop at the fabric store and start working on making pillows. Maybe the library. Maybe nothing at all.


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